Sky Band are a brand that are known for their high quality beginner trumpets, if you are looking to pick up this great instrument then look no further than this fantastic trumpet. Sky Band trumpets are very easy to pick up but are of a much higher...

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Le'Var has the perfect instrument for the trumpet student. The Le'Var BTRLV100 is a high quality trumpet for any budding student musician, the BTRLV100 is a well designed trumpet that has a great and unique sound that puts it in front of many of its...

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You want to have a quality trumpet but you don't have a fortune to invest. Here's your solution! This student trumpet is perfect for those just starting out with the instrument. When you ask tutors and music schools what you need for starter kit you...

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The Hawk WD-T313 is ideal for beginner trumpeters, it has a rich sound that sets it apart from other student trumpets. The WD-T313 not only sounds better than it's competitors but it also has a sleeker design that gives the trumpet a much more...

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LJ Hutchen Bb Trumpet offers a sound that no other student trumpet can. The moment you start playing this gorgeous instrument you will notice the difference in sound, not only does it have a much richer sound but it also comes at a fraction of the...

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Mendini trumpets are ideal for beginner or student musicians. The MTT-PL Bb trumpet with 7C mouthpiece features a phosphorus copper lead mouth pipe, topped with 3 comfortable white mother of pearl key inlaid and 3 smooth action valves.Every...

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The Etude ETR-100 Student Trumpet's generous bore makes it easy for a beginner to play while learning to form notes accurately. You'll most definitely be heard on your ETR-100 trumpet whether you're performing on stage or with your marching band...

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Hisonic 2110L Trumpet

This Hisonic 2110L is an affordable student trumpet and a great option for student horn players. If you are looking for a trumpet to get started with but don't want to spend a lot of money then this trumpet is perfect for you. Hisonic are a high...

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