Venture Trumpet Cleaning Brush - aka Snake BrushVinyl coated metal spring for maximum flexibility Nylon brushes on each end So so...

$4.00 as at 15:14 UTC. (Details)
Bach 5C Mouthpiece

If you are looking to move up from a 7C mouthpiece then this Bach 5C mouthpiece is perfect for you. Bach are known for their high quality products and this 5C mouthpiece is no exception to this rule. Bach only use the finest quality materials to...

$53.68 as at 04:21 UTC. (Details)
Denis Wick Cup Mute

This cup mute is the standard by which all other cup mutes are measured. It comes highly recommended by music teachers and schools because of its quality and the fact it will last years. This cup mute is a stylish accessory for your horn; it might...

$30.95 as at 17:20 UTC. (Details)

Stop paying an absolute fortune for student trumpets that don't deliver on quality. The RS Berkeley UTR180 is an ideal trumpet for players of all abilities but is mainly aimed at beginners and intermediate trumpeters.RS Berkeley band instruments...

$242.00 as at 13:14 UTC. (Details)

This might not be the best trumpet around but is a great buy for anyone that wants to take up this great instrument. This is an ideal trumpet for anyone that is looking to start learning how to play the trumpet. If you buy this product looking for a...

$99.99 as at 10:16 UTC. (Details)

Keep your trumpet in tip top condition with this top rated valve oil.Ultra-Pure Professional Trumpet Valve Oil has a fast, light, and silky-smooth feel that players love. It is non-toxic, synthetic, odorless, and is also very long-lasting.  So...

$24.64 as at 22:11 UTC. (Details)
Crystalcello CWD415

The CWD415 trumpet is ideal for anyone that is looking to learn this great instrument. Crystalcello are a highly regarded trumpet brand that specialise in student and beginner trumpets. They excel in designing trumpets that are perfect for students,...

$105.99 as at 03:19 UTC. (Details)

This ProTec Liberty ML201 Practise practice mute is compact and practical; if you are fed up of hearing people complain when you play your beloved trumpet then the ML201 is the perfect product for you. The ML201 has been specifically designedto...

$20.99 as at 15:01 UTC. (Details)

The Cecilio TT-380CN is a gorgeous trumpet that doesn't break the bank. If you are looking for a high quality horn at a fraction of the price of it's competitors then the TT-380CN is perfect for you.This terrific package includes a Cecilio 3...

$299.99 as at 13:19 UTC. (Details)
Anaxa Brass Concert Trumpet

This Anaxa Brass Concert Band Trumpet has a unique blue finish to make you stand out from the rest of the band. The Anaxa Brass Trumpet sounds just as good as the more expensive models the only real differences between the two models is the weight,...

$159.95 as at 12:55 UTC. (Details)

Every trumpeter knows how important it is to keep their horn safe. There are many trumpet cases out there; most are good, but you will be hard pushed to find one that is better than this Gator trumpet case.Gator specialize in making strong and...

$60.00 as at 13:54 UTC. (Details)

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Bartok ROS1145S Trumpet

The Bartok ROS1145S is a premium quality trumpet. It has a sleek silver finish and a European bell brass. This is a fine quality instrument worthy of a player with a year or mores experience. Not to say that a beginner wouldn't be able to play this...

$249.95 as at 11:25 UTC. (Details)
Merano B Flat Gold Trumpet

This Merano B flat gold trumpet is an ideal starter kit for any aspiring horn player. This trumpet comes with all the kit you will need to get started. Merano trumpets are often used by music tutors and schools because of their great sound and the...

$118.00 as at 22:11 UTC. (Details)

The BR TR401 rivals some of the best trumpets around at third of the price. This trumpet is a thing of beauty that has a sound that cannot be matched by inferior trumpets, when you are heard playing the BR TR401 other horn players will know that you...

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The Merano B Flat Silver trumpet has been specifically designed for beginner horn players. If you are looking to learn how to play this great instrument then you can't go wrong with the Merano B Flat Silver trumpet.If you find that the valves...

$119.99 as at 05:16 UTC. (Details)

A trumpets mouthpiece is one of the most important parts; it is what defines a trumpets sound quality along with the valves. If you have a poor quality mouthpiece it can ruin your whole trumpets performance, most notably the sound quality. The...

$99.88 as at 15:14 UTC. (Details)

This Merano Brass Pocket Trumpet is a beautiful little pocket trumpet that has the same high quality sound you have come to expect from all Merano horns. This pocket trumpet is perfect for beginner horn players as well as those a little more...

$149.99 as at 14:03 UTC. (Details)
Bach 3C Trumpet Mouthpiece

The Bach 3C is about as standard a trumpet mouthpiece as you can get and is usually the first step-up mouthpiece from the beginner's 7C. Mouthpieces are such and individual matter, and many players find different mouthpieces work for them. But the...

$49.37 as at 15:14 UTC. (Details)
Barcelona B-Flat Student Trumpet

Beautifully crafted yet affordably priced, the Barcelona B-Flat Student Trumpet is absolutely ideal for beginners and students. This is a great trumpet to begin with and with which to hone your horn playing skills. Barcelona trumpets have their own...

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Trumpet Necklace

This is an exquisitely crafted miniature replica of a trumpet, and makes a great statement if a guy wears it. Each piece is pewter cast and plated in 24 Karat Gold, creating a beautifully accurate representation of the original musical instrument....

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