Merano B Flat Trumpet

The Merano B flat is a stylish trumpet that has an amazing crisp and unique sound. This trumpet has been designed for beginner horn players, if you are looking for a trumpet to get started with then look no further. This Merano B flat trumpet is...

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Merano B Flat Trumpet

The Merano B flat is a unique beginner trumpet because of its amazing crisp sound. This trumpet has been specifically designed for beginner horn players to help them get to grips with a new instrument. If you are looking for a trumpet to get started...

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This fun junior trumpet from Bontempi is colorful and educational. Comes with four colored keys and an instruction booklet. For the budding musician - ages 3 and up - a silver trumpet - can be used anywhere including a home orchestra or a junior...

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How to get a good sound, read music, and master a variety of styles-including classical, pop, jazz, and LatinListening to a trumpet trilla series of high notes during a military march or wail longingly during a blues rendition-is a pleasure...

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The top selling Play Trumpet Today Book/CD/DVD package will be very useful for any new trumpet player. It is the ultimate self-teaching method that offers quality instruction, terrific tunes, professional quality CD with 73 full demo tracks, and a...

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This top notch deluxe trumpet bag from Protec features a rugged ballistic nylon exterior, black powder coated hardware, roomy exterior pocket with a built-in organizer, thick 25mm padding, reinforced bell area, and a convenient shoulder...

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Toot your own horn with this realistic starter trumpet. Designed to replicate the look and feel of a real chrome trumpet, this kid-sized instrument features color-coded keys for easy to learn notes and songs. Blow into the mouthpiece and press the...

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The Yamaha YTR-2335 offers many of the features you would find on a professional trumpet at a student trumpet price. A professional style bell and bore size are just some of the features that make this the ideal model for beginning...

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The Yamaha SB79 silent brass system is one of the most reliable systems on the market for this reason they are often recommended by pros if you are looking to practice without annoying everyone around you. The complete portable and soundproof system...

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Mendini trumpets are ideal for beginner or student musicians. The MTT-PL Bb trumpet with 7C mouthpiece features a phosphorus copper lead mouth pipe, topped with 3 comfortable white mother of pearl key inlaid and 3 smooth action valves.Every...

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Yamaha Trumpet Maintenance Kit

It is important to regularly clean and take care of your trumpet, and if you fail to do this then you risk damaging your horn and it certainly will not be cheap to fix it. This is one of the best maintenance kits on the market and is extremely...

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Mendini trumpets are ideal for beginner or student musicians. They have been specifically designed for beginners and student trumpet players to help them get used to playing this magnificent instrument. The Mendini MTT-L trumpet is ideal for all...

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Contains everything a young player needs to maintain their instrument.The trumpet care pack includes valve oil, lacquer polishing cloth, trumpet snake, mouthpiece brush, tuning slide grease, valve brush, and use/care...

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Mendini are a household name in the trumpet industry, if you own and play the trumpet chances are you have owned a Medini trumpet. Medini have a large range of trumpets but the MTT-N has been specifically designed for beginners.Mendini by...

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Allora MXPT-5801

Pocket trumpets are just so much fun, they pack a great sound and take up hardly any room. The instant you start playing you will be surprised how amazing it sounds, it holds its own and can sound better than a lot of modern trumpets. The MXPT-5801...

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This trumpet might be aimed at intermediate/advanced players but here at Trumpets 365 we believe this trumpet is used best in the hands of intermediate horn players.The Mendini by Cecilio MTT-40 Bb trumpet is a great selection for the serious...

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Vinci Brass Trumpet

Vinci are a relatively new brand of trumpets but have a distinct style that sets them apart from other brands. Their horns are of the highest standard, so you don't have to worry about whether you have bought a decent trumpet or not. This Vinci...

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Mendini MPT-L Lacquer Brass Bb Pocket Trumpet, Gold

Mendini pocket trumpets such as the MPT-L are ideal for beginner or student musicians. This pocket trumpet features a phosphorus copper lead mouth pipe, topped with 3 comfortable white mother of pearl key inlaid and 3 smooth action valves.Every...

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The Etude ETR-100 Student Trumpet's generous bore makes it easy for a beginner to play while learning to form notes accurately. You'll most definitely be heard on your ETR-100 trumpet whether you're performing on stage or with your marching band...

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Maybach MD5211

The Maybach MD5211 trumpet is the next step-up in the Maybach line. It is the upgrade to the M5210 student trumpet. The MD5211 is an outstanding value and offers Monel valves, silver nickel trim and double brace construction like the great pro...

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Merano Black Pocket trumpet

Pocket trumpets are a great horn to get started with, they pack a rich and strong sound but don't take half as much room as a normal trumpet. They also tend to be much cheaper. This lightweight horn is beautifully designed, it is not only...

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