Bach 5C Mouthpiece

Bach 5C Mouthpiece

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If you are looking to move up from a 7C mouthpiece then this Bach 5C mouthpiece is perfect for you. Bach are known for their high quality products and this 5C mouthpiece is no exception to this rule. Bach only use the finest quality materials to create their products that’s why so many professional trumpeters use a Bach mouthpiece.

If you feel its time to upgrade from a 7C to a 5C then you must go with this Bach 5C mouthpiece, the instant you do so you will realise a massive difference in the sound and quality of this mouthpiece. You will find it much easier to hit both high and low notes with the Bach 5C giving you a much better range and feel for your trumpet.


  • Medium Cup Depth
  • Cup Diameter: 16.26 mm
  • Rim: Medium width, well-rounded
  • Allows for a greater range and better tone quality
  • Fantastic for intermediate players.