Denis Wick Cup Mute for Trumpet or Cornet

Denis Wick Cup Mute

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This cup mute is the standard by which all other cup mutes are measured. It comes highly recommended by music teachers and schools because of its quality and the fact it will last years. This cup mute is a stylish accessory for your horn; it might be a little brighter and more metallic than the old school red and white mutes, but this cup mute responds beautifully and has character. An excellent and unique feature that you can experiment with is the fact that the Wick is adjustable which means that you can take the cup part and adjust the distance it is from the bell, which modifies the sound. Thus you can mess with the distance to experiment with the type of sound you want. The Wick cup mute has an outstanding fit and finish and will last through heavy usage.

Made from high purity spun aluminium, these handmade mutes blend perfectly, provide unmatched brilliance and projection, and have excellent intonation. Available in aluminum, brass or copper bottom, Denis Wick offers the most comprehensive line of straight mutes available.

  • Made from high purity spun aluminium
  • Scotchbrite finished
  • Bright silver anodised