Play Trumpet Today! Book/CD/DVD

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The top selling Play Trumpet Today Book/CD/DVD package will be very useful for any new trumpet player.

It is the ultimate self-teaching method that offers quality instruction, terrific tunes, professional quality CD with 73 full demo tracks, and a 25 minute DVD all of which will help you learn how to play the trumpet in the comfort of your own home.

This pack can be used by students of all ages who want to teach themselves, or by teachers for private or group instruction. Simply follow the tips and lessons in the book as you listen to the teacher on the CD and DVD. This great how to learn how to play the trumpet book and DVD pack is a complete guide to the basics, including: how to assemble and care for your instrument, producing a sound, reading music notation and rhythms, fingering chart, glossary of musical terms, and much more! The music included lets you play the songs with a backup band so learning and practicing is easier than ever.

All in all, this is a great value package that will suit beginners of all ages.