Selmer K351-3C Bach Megatone Trumpet Mouthpiece

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A trumpets mouthpiece is one of the most important parts; it is what defines a trumpets sound quality along with the valves. If you have a poor quality mouthpiece it can ruin your whole trumpets performance, most notably the sound quality. The Selmer K351-3C megatone mouthpiece is a high quality accessory is a must have for anyone that wants to improve the sound of their favourite horn.

Selmer are known for their premium quality mouthpieces and the K351-3C is no exception to this, this mouthpiece has a much stronger sound to it; it creates a sound that will fill every corner of the room so everyone can bask in its glorious sound. The K351-3C is much easier to use than other mouthpieces out there, it also has a lighter feel than most making the trumpet have an overall lighter feeling.

K351-3C Bach Megatone Trumpet Mouthpiece:

  • 3 C
  • Cup: 16.30mm
  • Cup: 16.30mm Shape: Medium Wide
  • Fairly large cup with a full, rich tone.
  • Good for all-around use.
  • 16.30mm Diameter, medium wide rim shape.