Barrington BR TR401 Bb Classic Silver Plate Trumpet

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The BR TR401 rivals some of the best trumpets around at third of the price. This trumpet is a thing of beauty that has a sound that cannot be matched by inferior trumpets, when you are heard playing the BR TR401 other horn players will know that you own a high quality trumpet.

Barrington trumpets have long been the number one choice for the advanced and professional player who wants the sound and performance of a professional trumpet without the high price tag.  This Barrington trumpet with its one piece bell fits the demand for this type of premium instrument. The Barrington TR401 Trumpet produces a full dynamic sound that is both powerful and beautiful.

  • Silver plated for beauty and sound
  • One piece bell and soldered bell ring for brilliant tonal quality.
  • 459. Medium large bore for all round playing
  • 1st and 3rd finger rings for intonation
  • Gold brass bell and leadpipe for sound and durability
  • Case and mouthpiece included