Yamaha EZ-TP MIDI Trumpet

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The EZ-TP is a uniquely versatile trumpet that anyone can play! Just hum or sing your favorite melody into the mouthpiece and automatically play any one of twenty-two different realistic musical instruments, including various trumpets.

The EZ-TP eliminates many of the difficulties of playing a real trumpet, such as putting your lips to the mouthpiece correctly, controlling the pitch and working of the valves.

Playing the EZ-TP midi trumpet is incredibly easy and there’s no need to practice so┬áif you are looking to learn how to play a brass instrument without the complexity and expensiveness of a music tutor then the EZ-TP could be for you.

  • It has 22 different instrumental voices to choose from 7 of which are trumpet voices. Some of the others are Saxophone, Trombone, Flute, Oboe etc.
  • There is a demo option with accompanying music in which you can play along and watch the valves light to the correct note to be played.
  • You can opt to bypass the valve and hum straight through the instrument
  • It can operate via 4 AA batteries or with the AC adaptor plugged in
  • There are jacks for headphones and for connecting to othe MIDI equipment